Section 4: DDIP

2.1 Definition

A Developer DAO Improvement Proposal (DDIP) is a proposal that seeks to enact a change or changes regarding how the DAO is governed. They should be limited to the following areas:
  • Any decision that impacts the Treasury balance or allocation that is not already accounted for in a previous proposal.
  • Anything that impacts the Governance of the DAO
  • Anything that impacts the “The Developer DAO Foundation" including its Articles and ByLaws.
Anything outside of this can be performed freely within pre-determined structures and mechanisms in the DAO.

2.2 DDIP process

DDIPs must follow the process and format specified below to qualify for the Governance process:


Any member can post a DDIP to the forum for debate using this template. The proposal should be posted to the Proposals forum category with the title “[DRAFT] - Insert Proposal Name”. All Stewards must comment on this type of proposals.

Snapshot Vote

Once a minimum of 50% of existing Stewards have commented on the proposal, and a minimum of 120 hours have passed, any Steward can elevate the proposal to SnapShot for a binding vote.
Only DDIPs that have successfully met the requirements for the Forum discussion can be elevated to a vote in Snapshot. Snapshot proposals use the same template as the Forum discussion, but their title should be updated to “P:NUMBER - Proposal Name”, the vote must be open for 120 hours, and must include a vote of all DAO members with the following options:
  • In Favor
  • Against
  • Abstain
To pass, Snapshot votes require a simple majority. All successful DDIPs must be shared with the Foundation supervisor and directors on the following email address to check for legality before execution and for records to be kept at the Foundation:
A minimum of 2% total circulating $CODE will constitute a quorum.

2.3 Conflicts of interest

Members are expected to abstain from votes that directly benefit themselves (i.e. voting to pass a budget request that rewards them). Such violations will render votes invalid unless corrected before the Snapshot vote ends.

2.4 Conflicting proposals

Conflicting proposals are proposals that are active at the same time and address the same issue. In the case of a conflicting proposal, the 5-day proposal discussion period can also serve as a time for community members to provide their preferred alternative. If a conflict still exists at the end of the discussion period, a Snapshot vote will be put forward that includes all the possible options from the conflicting proposals.