Developer DAO Operating System

This document represents the Developer DAO’s values, mission, structure, processes, and governance according to the best of our community’s ability to capture it.
It is the codification of our community operating system and is meant to serve, rather than constrain its members. Not every item listed herein has a readily available citation, as some of these processes were decided within discord but it's our intention to use this document as the canonical basis or “bible” for discussions regarding governance going forward. Like our community itself, it will always be a work in progress. As the community changes, so should the manifestation of those changes in daily DAO life be captured and reflected in this document. It is our hope that this textually centered approach to governance materially improves our collective ability to precisely communicate, make decisions, and onboard new members.


Developer DAO was founded by Nader Dabit in September 2021, when he created on Youtube the D4R NFT. Following the true ethos of decentralization, he stepped back and let the DAO take shape. Since then, the Developer DAO brand has grown and evolved. Now, the Developer DAO ecosystem as a whole attempts to onboard builders to web3, and help them create Public Goods.

Developer DAO

Developer DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that acts as an onboarding platform for web3 builders, helping them develop Public Goods. It is a community of passionate Web3 thought-leaders who aim to educate new users, produce written and audio media, build DAO tooling, provide consulting services, develop Web3 scholarship, and create a social and creative home base for anyone in Web3. We’re so much more than a social DAO—we’re educating, shipping, building, and innovating DAO.
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